Great Hungerford Bake Off!

On Sunday My Hubby, Baby and I headed to Hungerford.  I had entered a cake in their bake off competition (it was my first time 😉 ), as it was something on my 2013 Bucket List.  I love the idea of baking competitions and have never had the time to do it before, but now I am on maternity leave I thought I would give it a go.  I made the cake on Saturday and also made the Lemon Curd to go in it (yummy).  I have made this cake a few times before and it always goes down well.  The category was Sweet – Eggs and Flour, so it was open to interpretation and I didn’t know if people would enter very designed cakes.  My offering is much more homemade and rustic!  But I was very happy to come joint 3rd and I even won a little prize (an egg spatula).  Baby was a very good girl and gave Mummy a congratulatory hug.

Bake Off


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