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Baby was recently asked by RonniBobs Baby Boutique to review Huggalugs Leghuggers.  I had never heard of Huggalugs, which are multi purpose leggings, but we were keen to try them out.  Baby selected the Zebra print ones (obvs).

The blurb describes them as “The softest, stretchiest baby legwarmers (and arm warmers) in babyland miraculously grow with tiny tots from infancy through crawling to toddlerhood and beyond. Because they’re easy-on and easy-off, Huggalugs are always ready for changes in the weather, and independent types can even learn to dress themselves! Our designs are ready to travel and keep kids looking cute all year round. Discover some joy and something a little bit different with Huggalugs!”

They look like tiny leg warmers, but stretch to grow with your child, which means they will last for ages (a big positive as we are going through clothes very fast).  They can be used on legs or arms.  Baby wore hers yesterday to a coffee morning.  It was a chilly start to the day, but the cafe is always roasting, so we popped the Huggalugs on to get there and then whipped them off when we arrived, without the hassle of taking off pants or tights etc.  On Baby they reach from well over her foot to right up to her pant line (rouched), but have plenty of fabric to stretch.  I think they would also be great for toilet training (not that we are there yet!).  Baby has also worn them at home when trying to crawl to give her legs a bit of protection.  As they can be used on arms they can act as a makeshift cardy if you are out and about and the weather turns.

The best bit, one pair costs £5.99 and lasts you from 6 months to 8 years – Fab!

They also do a baby version (up to 6 months) and a Legruffles version for £6.99 (which are LUSH!)

Thanks RonniBobs for Baby’s Huggalugs they are great.

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