Baby is 10 months old today

10 months old

Wow!  Time really does fly.  Its quite extraordinary how the days and weeks whizz by.

Baby is amazing, she has a light inside her that everyone seems to notice.  Wherever we are she tries to talk to people and seems to make everyone smile.  We have spent the last month doing lots of clapping and high fiving.  She expects everyone to return her high fives, even strangers.  This was slightly embarrassing in the Doctors!.

I am so in love with Baby, she is my sunshine.  We have spent lots of time dancing together round the living room.  She loves it.  She has a certain smile, as if she is trying to be a proper ballroom dancer and laughs with delight when I start to sing our dancing song.

Her crawling has developed.  She now get herself in the crawling position, but she goes back to her old style (albeit using both legs) when actually moving.  She is NEVER still and is already into everything.

I am so grateful to be her mummy.


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