Happy Half Birthday!

6 months old

To my darling baby,

Well today marks your 6 month birthday.  I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone, yet I cannot remember how it felt before you arrived.  It seems as if you were always in my heart.  I am blessed to have such a bright and beautiful daughter.  I could look at your face and hold you in my arms for hours.  I hope you will always want cuddles.

You are growing so tall now and have, almost, 5 teeth.  They have given you some trouble, but hopefully it will settle down soon for you.  You are very friendly and are happy to give other mums cuddles. You like to stroke your friends hair and hold their hands.

You have started to eat some food and prefer to feed yourself, with a little help from Mummy.  You have had times when you haven’t been really keen, but have recently eaten a bread stick, a fromage frais and some melon, so I think you are starting to like it more.   You can roll to your right, but cannot roll back yet and you are trying to crawl, but at the moment can lift your head up or bum up, but not both together.  You like trying to walk and look so happy when you think you have walked properly.  You love playing in your Jumperoo, but you can get over tired quite quickly.  You can’t sit up on your own yet, but I don’t think it will be long, you’re nearly there.

I still can’t believe I am your mummy, I am so honoured.  For such a long time I didn’t think we would ever be lucky enough to have you, but we were truly blessed the day you arrived.  You changed our lives forever.  It hasn’t all been plain sailing, but I am so proud to be your Mummy every second of every day.  You will be going to sleep in your own room soon, which will be lovely for you as it is a very pretty room.  I spent a long time making it lovely for you.  It will be so sad for me though, not to hear you sleeping beside me at night.

You are growing up quickly and your personality is developing more and more each day.  You make us laugh so much, even during the most trying of days, you can still make me smile.  I feel as if my heart could burst with love when I look at you.

I want to help you grow into the happiest little girl. I want to do everything I can to give you the best childhood we can.

I love you to the moon and back.  My precious angel,

All my love

Mummy xxx


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