This is my record of motherhood for me, for our baby and for anyone else who may be stumbling through motherhood slightly less well than Mary Poppins.  The plan is she will be able to read my ramblings about her growing up, if I am rocking back and forth in the corner, unable to fill her in!

I am Aby, I’m 36 and my husband is 41 together we live on the Berkshire/Hampshire border with our two small pooches.  We were blessed in March 2013 with our beautiful daughter after a long time trying and a lot of ‘trying for a baby’ craziness.  Our little angel came along the month before our first IVF appointment and we are thankful every day, even when she is screaming at the top of her voice or when we are in the face of a poo-naumi!.


Me and Mr Hubby December 2005

So this is us before Baby at Sister-in-Laws wedding.  I chose this picture as pictures of Mr Hubby are rare and I look slimmer than I do now (cheating much?! 🙂 ).

Oh and the wedding was in Scotland, Mr Hubby doesn’t usually knock about in a kilt!…

So the plan,  I want to document Baby growing up and share my thoughts and feelings on motherly stuff along the way.  I will try to be honest as sometimes motherhood involves going out smelling of sick, because otherwise you will stay in doors and cry (they don’t tell you that).

I will try to blog regularly if I can tear myself away from online baby clothes shopping long enough… (Oh yeah my ‘addiction’).  We are Rookies (yes with a capital ‘R’) to this baby stuff, neither of us had ever changed a nappy and could count the amount of times we had held a baby on one hand (between us!), so this could be worth a chuckle if nothing else 🙂 .

I will also blog about my weight loss journey (sounds like like X factor!), but seriously it is my biggest struggle in life and I so don’t want Baby to have a fat mum, so need to get on it.

Baby is called Baby by Mr Hubby and I, I guess because she is and always will be our Baby.

My previous life, before Mum, I have done many things, as a Psychology graduate I have followed my heart and not my head with regards to jobs and have worked with horses, the homeless, headhunters, children and Vets (the last my least favourite!). I now am an Events Organiser, which is my dream job (did I mention that I love to organise stuff – sadly not my house!).

I was previously a dressage rider and so you know I am going to be a pushy pony club mum! (can’t fight it).  I  also teach Dressage to people (yes that dancing horse thing you saw at the Olympics).

I also love baking (not cooking – can’t boil an egg without breaking out in a sweat) so I may feature some of my yummy cakes – cakes I can’t eat as I am trying to get thin!  If I am not on here then chances are I am online somewhere, if I’m honest probably shopping…..

So if you’re not interested in my ramblings that’s fine move along, but if you too are trying to navigate your way through Babydom stick around 🙂


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