Challenge Yourself

Welcome to the Challenge Yourself monthly Linky.

The idea was born out of my desire to want to do so many things and learn new skills.  From the mundane – be more organised with my housework, to the more exciting desire to learn new skills, such as photography.  I have so many ideas floating around and don’t seem to focus enough to get anything done.  As parents we are so wrapped up in the achievements and development of our children (and rightly so!), but it does mean that our own can get left by the wayside.  So, I am breaking things into monthly challenges and blogging about them, so I am accountable.  I hope you will join me.  The challenges don’t have to be huge achievements, it might be to have a date night with hubby or to stop shouting at the kids, even small things can provide a big sense of achievement.

The linky will go live on the 25th of each month and will be open until midnight on the last day of the month.  Your posts can highlight any achievement of yours for that month, as well as state your next challenge.  I hope you will join me, so we can support each other and I will look forward to reading your posts.

Grab the badge to display on your post and I will retweet all of your links.  #ChallengeYourself

Badge for Challenge Yourself Linky

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