Blast From The Past – Ten Top Toys

What was your favourite childhood toy?  Last night Mr Hubby and I took a trip down memory lane, trying to recall all our favourite toys from our youth.  It was prompted by looking at this great site from Oxford Open Learning highlighting toys, fads and crazes of days gone by.

I collaborated with Mr Hubby, to get a balanced view and here are our top ten picks.

Cabbage Patch Kids

Cabbage Patch kidsHave they always been that sinister looking….?  If I remember rightly they came with their own little birth certificate.

My Little Pony

My Little PonyAwww I still think these are quite cute.  Not surprisingly I had quite a few of these little lovelies.

Matchbox Cars

Matchbox carsApparently this is what the boys were playing with.  Mr Hubby wished now he had kept the boxes, as they can be worth a bit.


SmurfsMr Hubby (who is older than me) reliably informs me that these used to come with petrol from the National Garage.  He quite liked a Smurf or two!

Sindy & Barbie

BarbieI had Sindys and Barbies and the horses they rode in on! I remember making them a house out of a cardboard box.

Care Bears

Care BearI loved my Care Bear! Do you remember Cheer Bear, Wish Bear and Grumpy Bear?  With their belly badges giving them the power of the Care Bear Stare when they stood together, spreading happiness.  I used to watch the Care Bear programme too.

Glo Worm

Glo WormI had forgotten all about Glo worms, but I remember I used to really love my Glo Worm and used to take him to bed with me.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Sinclair ZX SpectrumBoth Mr Hubby and I had one of these bad boys.  Games were loaded from an external tape recorder and if the volume wasn’t set exactly right they wouldn’t load.  Mr Hubby apparently used to spend hours playing with his Jet Set Willy!


conkersGood old fashioned Conkers.  Mr Hubby let me in on the secret to win.  He would soak them in vinegar or put them in the oven!  Victory assured!

Panini Football Stickers

stickersMr Hubby has a sticker book to fill up and would swap duplicates at school.

Also not quite making our top ten are these little gems

Guess WhoToyGarage toy

So what was your favourite childhood toy or craze?

This post was written as part of a bloggers competition with Oxford Open Learning.


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