Wednesday Words #3

It’s Wednesday so time to link up with Crazy With Twins Wednesday Words feature.

How long will I love you

This week has been quite difficult for me.  I am struggling with some anxiety.

This Sunday will mark the anniversary of the day Matilda Mae was cruelly taken by SIDS, she simply went to sleep and never woke up.  My heart breaks for her family every day.  It makes me hold my baby tighter.

I love this song and my eyes fill with tears whenever I hear it.  To me it is my song to my baby and I feel it is a song for all the babies who have been taken, especially Matilda Mae.  Wherever they are we will always love our babies.  They will always fill our hearts.

If you would like to support the Lullaby Trust, who are working to eradicate SIDS, you will find their website here.

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Wednesday Words #2

Wednesday Words 2We can all get caught up in a blur of life.  The routines and the rhythms of our everyday lives can mean we race through moments thinking of our ever growing to do list.  This quote reinforced my desire to stop, take time and really see the beauty and value of all the moments we share, before they become memories.

Linking with Emma from Crazy With Twins.

Wednesdays words

Wednesday Words #1

This week I have decided to link up with Crazy With Twins Wednesday Words feature.

Words can be beautiful and powerful, they can also be hateful, damaging and everything in between.  Sometimes you hear a lyric or read a quote and it resonates with you and you will remember it forever.

When I was pregnant I came across this quote from Elizabeth Stone.

quoteTo me this is so powerful and it encapsulates exactly how I feel about motherhood and my beautiful baby girl.  I also used it in my blog post announcing Baby’s birth.  Baby is my heart and soul.  Our bundle of light and joy came into our world and stole our hearts forever.

Wednesdays words