Getting things into Perspective

Creative thinkingAs I have previously blogged about I am trying to improve my photography.  Trying to use my big camera more and improve my images in general.

Jocelyn over at The Reading Residence has started a series on just that – improving our photography.  This weeks lesson was on perspective, so I have been taking some pictures from different angles, getting high up and low down.  Here are my attempts;

Baby PictureBaby with her Sheepy

Baby Picture‘Mummy, What are you doing?’

Baby picture ‘I love my Sheepy’

Baby picture‘I am quite attached to the green triangle’

Baby pictureNow what are you doing?’

Baby picture

Do you think she has enough toys?

Baby pictureSo I hope you like my pictures,  I really enjoyed being more creative.  Next weeks lesson over at The Reading Residence is light, so I am looking forward to that one.