Word Of The Week -3 #WotW

I am linking up again with Jocelyn from The Reading Residence.  The idea of #WOTW is to find one word that sums up your week.

The word of my week is


This week I have an over riding feeling of being ‘blessed’.  I have been struggling with a few things this week and it’s easy for these feelings to get out of hand.

Then I stop and think of what I have.  Things that money can’t buy.  My wonderful, supportive, loyal husband, who is genuinely my best friend.  My beautiful baby, who lights up our world and makes us so very grateful to be her parents every single day.

I know others who are having a very difficult time at the moment and this reinforces this feeling for me.  I am so lucky and I am so very very grateful.

WOTWMy previous words of the week have been Organised and Overwhelmed