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Everyone loves a good wedding, right?  I have actually only been to three weddings, two friends and my sister in law.  One ruined Scottish Castle and two beautiful village churches.  Each so different from the other, but all so beautiful.

I am always so interested in people’s choices, the venue, the dress, the flowers, big or small, traditional or contemporary.  I really enjoy finding out what goes into creating these special days.  There is something so magical about your wedding day.

With this in mind I am asking you to share your wedding with us.  This is your chance to relive your special day and let others read your story.  These stories may give people inspiration for their own upcoming wedding.  They may laugh along with a funny anecdote or they may simply enjoy reading about your day (and nosing at your photo’s)

‘Share Your Wedding’ will run every Thursday on my main blog page.  I will start the ball rolling and will share my wedding on Thursday 30th January.  #shareyourwedding

If you would like to be featured please let me know –

Share Your Wedding


The Mulberry Bush-Magic Moments #11/Ordinary Moments #15

This week I am linking one post to both Jaime at Oliver’s Madhouse and Katie at MummyDaddyMe as my moment is both ‘Ordinary’ and ‘Magic’.

First of all I must state these are bad photo’s.  I am aware of that, but they capture such a special moment.  I do not want to miss recording such special, magical moments, because I didn’t have time to get the proper camera, even enough time to focus my phone.  Or because I was in the moment with my daughter.  I love the perfect photo’s, where everything goes to plan, but unfortunately my life isn’t like that and I not a great photographer.  So here are the pictures.

Magic MomentLet me explain why it is important to me.  Baby has started to understand words recently. ‘No’ which she ignores with a smile, Milk, High Five, Mummy, Daddy, Water and also Clapping/Clap.  She learned to clap before Christmas and was very pleased with herself.  I sing ‘Here we go round the mulberry bush’ to her and recently she has started to clap on cue (‘this is the way we clap our hands’).  It is so cute!  This isn’t the first time she did it, but I do want to remember these magical moments.

I am also linking up with Podcast Dove’s What’s The Story 

Magic moments

Ordinary Moment linkWhats the story

A Letter To Matilda Mae #matildamae

Dear Tilda,

Just over a year ago you were taken away.

I never got to meet you, but I feel as if I did.

You hold a place in my heart and I think about you every day.

I have shed tears for you and often still do.

This is down to your mummy.

She will never forget you, nor will we.

She raises money tirelessly to stop it happening to others.

She is always finding ways to celebrate your life.

She is remarkable.

You would be so proud of such a mummy.

We see stars, bubbles and lights and we think of you.

You were taken away far too soon and you have taken some of your mummy’s heart.

She will continue to make a legacy in your name.

Sweet dreams beautiful girl


I have written this letter to baby Tilda who was cruelly taken by SIDS on 2nd February 2013 at exactly 9 months old.  This letter forms a part of a collection of letters on Ghost Writer Mummy’s blog to honour Tilda’s life and to show support for her amazing mum Jennie.  Who despite her grief has raised a considerable amount of money for The Lullaby Trust for research into SIDS.  To try and stop this from happening to other babies and families and for that, we should all thank Jennie. x

Letters for Matilda Mae

Over-worked? Under-paid? -NHS negligence

nhsYou don’t have to look very far to find a story about someone who has suffered poor care at the hands of the NHS.  In fact, that is the experience for almost a third of the people in a recent survey (Source: First4Lawyers).  We are so lucky in this country to have free health care, not to have to worry about whether we can afford to seek help if we or our family become ill.  Cuts in funding mean that staff are often vastly overstretched, working long hours and perhaps this is why their judgement is failing at times.

Medical negligence solicitors often get a bad rap.  They are blamed for the compensation culture we now appear to be living in.  Medical negligence claims have risen 80% in 6 years (Source: The Telegraph), with a massive £22.6 billion estimated in payouts for negligence claims this year alone (source: Daily Mail).  This is a huge growth and so there is obviously a need for such solicitors.

My personal experience when I was pregnant, could have so easily ended so differently.  At 39 1/2 weeks my waters broke and I went to hospital.  They did a quick exam and informed me that they hadn’t broken, despite pretty obvious signs that they had!  I was sent home and was told to wait for my waters to break.  Luckily the following day I had a consultant appointment (due to SPD) and told her what had happened and my suspicions.  She did another exam and eventually a dip test.  After a few more hours she confirmed that my waters had in fact broken.  I was booked in to be induced the next day and ‘Baby’ was born the morning after induction, over 70 hours after my waters had broken.  Due to this our baby had swelling on her head and had to be helped out by forceps (the swelling prevented them using the ventouse).  The risk of infection is great after 24 hours, so at 70 + hours, it was a very scary time.  If I hadn’t had the consultant appointment, I wouldn’t have seen anyone until the following Tuesday (Easter weekend).  I worry what would have happened to our baby, should my contractions not have started on their own.  All this because I wasn’t believed.  It was my first baby, so how would I know it was my waters breaking!  I know at least 3 other mums who haven’t been believed when they have been in the same situation.

A recent article in the Telegraph highlights the case of a baby who died after birth, as the mother wasn’t listened to and was labelled ‘paranoid ‘ and an ‘anxious new mum’.  This issue seems to be widespread as a survey recently found that 36% of people felt Doctors didn’t listen to them (Source: First4Lawyers).

I’m sure no-one goes into any Health Care profession with any other motivation, but the desire to help people.  However, with budget cuts and an over stretched service, I believe the occurrence of these cases will continue to rise.

What have your experiences been of the NHS?  Are they positive or negative?

This post was written in collaboration with First4Lawyers.

All opinions, however, are my own

Disclosure policy

Challenge Yourself #1 New Linky

Welcome to my new linky.  I always have lots of projects in mind and the desire to learn new skills.  From the mundane – be more organised at my housework, to the more exciting desire to learn new skills, such as photography.  I have so many ideas floating around and don’t seem to focus enough to get anything done.  So, I am breaking things into monthly challenges and blogging about them, so I am accountable.  I hope you will join me.  The challenges don’t have to be huge tasks, it might be to have a date night with hubby or to stop shouting at the kids.  Even small things can provide a big sense of achievement.

My January aim was to learn a little more about photography and to use my ‘big’ camera more.  I take a lot of photo’s, but am very dependent on my phone.  No sooner than I set myself this challenge, my camera died and I was given the unfortunate news that it was terminal.  Cue lot of stress and Mr Hubby riding in like a Knight on a charger to replace it for me.  So I was a little delayed in starting my challenge this month.

Anyway I read my manual, looked on a few websites, have linked to a few bloggers photography linkys and taken my new camera for a whirl.  One of the first shots I took was this one.

baby 4However, I have no idea what the settings were, I was just changing them and snapping.  So I thought I would read a little more and try to understand what was happening.  Here are my top points (if you’re not interest in photography or already know it, sorry, but writing it down commits it to my memory), here goes;

APERTURE: How much light is let into the camera.  Lower aperture=more light.  Higher Aperture=less light.  It is the {f} number on your camera.  To shoot something close (ie food) f1.8-3.2, children playing f5.6-8 or a landscape f8-11.

SHUTTER SPEED:  The amount of time the shutter is open (therefore linked to the amount of light let in).  Higher shutter speed means the shutter opens and closes quicker.  i.e photographing a still child SS 1/60-1/100. Photographing a moving child 1/250-1/1000.  If you want a blur (would look great on a bike riding picture then lower SS to 1/4-8)

ISO: This is the camera’s sensitivity to light.  How it helps you balance nature.  So if you have lots of light you need a low ISO 100-200.  If the light is fading or limited set the ISO at 400-800 and if you are in dark conditions and can’t use a flash or want that dark effect put the ISO at 1000+ (but the higher the ISO the more chance of getting a grainy picture).

PHOTO'S PICSo as you can see, I still need to put a lot of work in, but there was a definite satisfaction to taking the camera off auto and I am excited about learning more.

As I started a little late with my challenge and as photography is not something you can understand in a month, I will be revisiting this challenge.  I will keep linking with Living Arrows project , The 52 Project , and the new series by The Reading Residence aimed at improving our photography and sharing our results.

Onto February’s challenge!  My challenge for February is to learn to knit!  I would like to knit a scarf by the next time I check in with you all.  I am ready.

KnittingThis linky will stay open until midnight on 31st January and I will open February’s linky on 22nd February, which again will give you all a week to link up and share your challenges and results.

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