Share Your Wedding

Everyone loves a good wedding, right?  I have actually only been to three weddings, two friends and my sister in law.  One ruined Scottish Castle and two beautiful village churches.  Each so different from the other, but all so beautiful.

I am always so interested in people’s choices, the venue, the dress, the flowers, big or small, traditional or contemporary.  I really enjoy finding out what goes into creating these special days.  There is something so magical about your wedding day.

With this in mind I am asking you to share your wedding with us.  This is your chance to relive your special day and let others read your story.  These stories may give people inspiration for their own upcoming wedding.  They may laugh along with a funny anecdote or they may simply enjoy reading about your day (and nosing at your photo’s)

‘Share Your Wedding’ will run every Thursday on my main blog page.  I will start the ball rolling and will share my wedding on Thursday 30th January.  #shareyourwedding

If you would like to be featured please let me know –

Share Your Wedding


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