I Was Saddened By – The Prompt #2

I am linking up with Sara from Mumturnedmom for her ‘The Prompt’ linky.

  This week the prompt Sara gave was

I was saddened

So many things are sad, horrific even, in the world we live in today.  I have always been quite an emotional person.  As a child, mum always used to say she should have called me April, as the sunshine would quickly turn to showers and vice versa.

With all this sadness, picking something to talk about was quite difficult.  However, I read something recently that saddened me greatly and continues to do so.  In the UK there are 4,000 children waiting for an adoptive family, but for 1 in 4 it is likely to remain just a dream.  This is heartbreaking.  To think of children never finding their forever home, moving from foster family to foster family or worse still spending their childhood in a children’s home, brings tears to my eyes.  Surely it is a basic right, to be loved by your parents?

I struggled to get pregnant and had started to look into adoption.  I would look at the profiles of the children, with tears streaming down my face, wondering why their parents let them go.  I understand some people have issues, which make it difficult to look after their children, but isn’t ‘your’ baby reason enough to turn your life around?

I believe every child deserves to be loved and adored.  If the parents can’t do this, then these children need to be safely, but quickly placed with people who can cherish them.  There seems to be a belief that Adoption is only possible if you are married, earn a certain amount, own your own home and are under 40.  There are various initiatives that are trying to dispel these myths, such as National Adoption Week (3-9 November 2014)

It saddens me further when there are so many people desperate to have children, who never come to adopt or aren’t allowed to adopt.  Personally we only plan to have one child due to financial and physical factors.  If our situation was different I think we would consider going through the process.

Writing this post has highlighted to me the importance of raising awareness and so I have signed up to be an Adoption Champion and to help raise awareness of the difference adoption can make to a child.

Surely there is no better gift than to give a child a mummy or a daddy?.

National Adoption Week


7 thoughts on “I Was Saddened By – The Prompt #2

  1. This is such an important subject. I will admit that I had a lot of misconceptions about adoption until I actually spoke to people about it. The statistics are so sad, the thought of children not finding their ‘forever’ family is heartbreaking. How wonderful that you have signed up to be an adoption champion. Thank you so much for linking up to #ThePrompt

  2. This is a really important issue which isn’t really discussed very often. I have taught quite a lot of kids who are ‘Looked After’ either in group homes or foster care and these are teenagers who really have no chance of being adopted. I watched the ‘Find me a family’ programme on Channel 4 last week and it was so sad that even among those people who are looking to adopt a child it is the young girls who are most ‘in demand’. I don’t have any answers but you’re right that this is an issue that needs to be more in the public eye.

  3. I agree with you wholeheartedly, this is such an important issue which needs to be talked about. I didn’t know those statistics and I find it heartbreaking that so many children could be without loving family homes. #theprompt

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