My Desert Island Discs – What Are Yours?

desert island discsI love music.  It has been a big part of my life.  When I was younger I often went to see bands. Every week I went with friends to various rock/indie clubs and I was an avid festival goer.

I think music can be magical, it can immediately evoke strong feelings.  Often the right song at a certain  moment can make me cry.  It can transport you to a memorable time in your life and it can help create those special memories.  I have quite an eclectic taste in music.  I am a bit of a Rock Chick at heart and spent some of my youth in very short dresses and para boots, headbanging with sweaty meat heads to metal.  If I am honest that was probably just to prove a point (that I could do it better than them), even then I preferred something a bit different.  I’m a sucker for an unusual voice.

So I started to think about my favourite songs, which ones have the strongest memories and which would be my Desert Island Discs.  This is very hard with so many to choose from and it has taken a considerable amount of time to narrow it down.  However, in line with the radio show here are my 8 Desert Island Discs.

1. Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars.

This is my favourite song of all time.  I love Snow Patrol and I think the song and the sentiment are beautiful.  A few years ago my horse died.  I had owned him for 8 years and it was like losing a friend.  This song reminds me of him.  Especially the lyric ‘I need your grace to remind me to find my own’.  Also on the morning Baby was born, hospital radio came round the ward and spoke to me.  They asked me to pick a song and they would play it for us.  I picked this song.  They played it when I was lying in bed with Baby beside me, on our own and it was very emotional.

2. Christina Perri – A Thousand Years. 

I sang this song to Baby once a few months ago and I will always remember the look on her face, it lit up with joy.  Her eyes widened and she looked euphoric.  I sing it to her regularly and her reaction is always the same, joy.  The lyric ‘I have loved you for a thousand years and I’ll love you for a thousand more’ resonates with me, as I struggled to get pregnant with Baby and I feel I have loved her before I had her,  for a thousand years.

3. Katie Melua – Call off the search. 

I think Katie’s voice is amazing and I picked this as the song that I would walk down the aisle to when I married Mr Hubby.  However, the venue informed me just as I was about to walk in that my cd wouldn’t work and they couldn’t use it.  I was heartbroken.  But to me it will always be our wedding song.

4. Wild Cherry – Play that funky music. 

This song brings back memories of great nights out with friends and also bizarrely it was my first dance at our wedding.  Not with Mr Hubby though (he won’t dance), so I had my first dance with my old boss to this song.

5. Ludovico Einaudi – I Giorni

This song is simply beautiful.  As I have blogged about before, this song has an amazing ability to calm me.

6. Stevie Wonder – Superstition

This song reminds me of dancing the night away with my best friend Annette, when we were younger.

7. Nina Simone – Feeling Good

I just love this song, her voice and the lyrics.  Perfection!

8. Ellie Goulding – How long will I love you

This is a much more current song than most on my list, but I really love Ellie’s voice and this song brings tears to my eyes.  It reminds me of how I feel about Baby and I am sure I will still love it in years to come.

So there are the songs that I would take to my desert island.  Songs that I couldn’t live without.  What are yours?  I want to tag everyone who reads this, but in particular I will tag the following bloggers and hope that they can join in (#DID);

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Californian Mum In London

But if you are reading this (blogger or not) and would like to join in, consider yourself tagged.  I hope to read some of your posts. For non-bloggers just put your chosen songs in the comments, it would be great to see them.


12 thoughts on “My Desert Island Discs – What Are Yours?

  1. Such a fab and varied mix of music!
    I love your choices for each song, both happy and sad.
    Going to get my thinking hat on, I have so many songs I love, not sure I can narrow it down!

  2. Some great song choices here. For mr I’d have to have Take That Never Forget, this used to be the last song played on a night out at our student union in my university days : ) happy times.

  3. Great songs, I’m glad to see another Stevie Wonder fan. Thanks for tagging me. It was such a fun thing to do. And I hope more people do it. It’s fab seeing other people’s fav songs.

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