Mummy Guilt – The Prompt #1

I never realised that becoming a mum would bring with it so much guilt.  Even before Baby arrived I felt guilty for many things, not eating as healthily as perhaps I should or even lying on my right side (I read you should lie on your left side!).  I used to read countless forums and would worry I wasn’t doing everything I could.  If anything bad happened, it would be my fault.

Then when Baby arrived, guilt became commonplace in my daily life.  Guilt for things I do and for the things I don’t do.  Guilt if I leave Baby to play on her own for a few minutes, while I watch over her.  Guilt for feeding her ready made food (she hates homemade).  Guilt for not wanting another baby (no sibling for her).  Guilt for not being the most inventive, the most fun mum.  Guilt for may be not being good enough.

As mums we feel this guilt and it affects us so much, as we constantly think about the consequence of the things we feel guilty about.  Will our children develop properly?.  Are we damaging them in any way by not being as good as we could be.  Everything we do and say to our children moulds them into the people they will become.  That’s quite a responsibility and we have to get it right.  I think this is why we question ourselves so much and why we can become victims of mummy guilt.

We all need to remember that as long as we love our little ones with all of our hearts and do the best we can,  we should feel no guilt.

Baby and I

I am linking up with Sara from Mumturnedmom for her ‘The Prompt’ linky.

The Prompt


8 thoughts on “Mummy Guilt – The Prompt #1

  1. Toooooo true 😉 I spend most of my time either doing stuff and feeling guilty, or not doing stuff and feeling guilty and/or resentful. AWESOME. #mummyhood lol x

  2. It’s tough isn’t it, because really, your last sentence is the key one. We’re doing our best, so we shouldn’t feel guilty, but we all worry that we’re doing the right things x Thanks so much for linking up to #ThePrompt xx

  3. Reading through all of the posts in this linky it seems so many of us have the same guilty feelings – even though we know we shouldn’t! We just have to keep reminding ourselves we’re doing the best we can 🙂

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