Wednesday Words #1

This week I have decided to link up with Crazy With Twins Wednesday Words feature.

Words can be beautiful and powerful, they can also be hateful, damaging and everything in between.  Sometimes you hear a lyric or read a quote and it resonates with you and you will remember it forever.

When I was pregnant I came across this quote from Elizabeth Stone.

quoteTo me this is so powerful and it encapsulates exactly how I feel about motherhood and my beautiful baby girl.  I also used it in my blog post announcing Baby’s birth.  Baby is my heart and soul.  Our bundle of light and joy came into our world and stole our hearts forever.

Wednesdays words


9 thoughts on “Wednesday Words #1

  1. This is such a beautiful quote, I have heard it many times and it still strikes me how true it is. x

  2. I so agree with this quote, it’s very true. Having a child is scary for this reason alone x #wednesdaywords

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