The 52 Project/Living Arrows (1/52 and 2/52)

I take a lot of photographs.  Mainly because I adore my little girl and want to capture every look, every smile, every happy time in our lives.

One of the things I want to do this year is to learn how to use my big camera properly (2014 resolutions).  There are a few photography linkys that I want to take part in, to help me learn and develop my skills.  I recently came across ‘The 52 Project’, this is a linky run by Practising Simplicity and it gives us an opportunity to record and share a portrait of our child every week for a year. Also the Living Arrows Project by I Heart Snapping encourages us to capture the essence of our children in a single shot.  These pictures can then be made into a printed book, which I think is a lovely idea and is something I would love to do.  I think this will encourage me to take better quality photographs, a real portrait, not just snaps and so I am joining in.  I am a little late so I am combining weeks one and two. I have had to pick from images I already have, however from this point on they will be pictures taken specifically for these projects.


Duck racing 7



living arrows


11 thoughts on “The 52 Project/Living Arrows (1/52 and 2/52)

  1. What fabulous pictures. I need to invest in a good camera. I wanted to take part but haven’t had the chance to catch up yet. I am really getting into my photography but so much to learn. Love the lighting angle and of course the beautiful happy face on your lovely little one. Great pics. This linky is a great idea.

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