I Am Me

Recently I saw a friend who I haven’t seen for months (since before Baby was born).  He asked if I was still teaching and when I said that I wasn’t doing much, he said “So you’re just being a mum”.  I struggle with this as I know there are more aspects to my personality than soley a ‘mum’, but at the moment a mum is all I feel like…. So when I spotted this great post/linky by the lovely Rachel, over at her blog Three Years & Home.  I thought it would be cathartic to take part in.  Here goes!

I am me

I am: Wife, Mummy, Friend, Daughter, Aunt, Teacher, Sister in Law, Sister.

I am sometimes: Smiley, Emotional, Funny, Tired, A Worrier, Sarcastic, Over sensitive, Messy, Too honest,  Stressed, Witty, Cold (temperature wise!),

I am always: On time, Supportive, Protective, Loyal, Organised, Thoughtful.

I like: Ice Cream, Tea, Reality TV, Baking, Soaps, Chinese food (Spring rolls yum!), Listening to the rain hammering when I am cosy inside, Cuddles, Reading, Sleep (can vaguely remember what is it like), Rom Coms, A new haircut, Pepsi Max (although very bad for me), Taking photo’s, Chick lit.

I love: Mr Hubby, Baby, Family, Our dogs,  Watching Baby sleep,  Christmas, How it feels when Baby sleeps on my chest, When Sister-In-Law visits, My blog.

I dislike: Fake People, Tuna, Cooking, Spiders, Double breasted suits, Cling film, People not looking at you when they talk to you, Having a knackered old back, Currently BEING fat; Always FEELING fat, When mushrooms grow in groups (shudder), Horror Films/Books, People who don’t say thank you when you let them past, Orange juice with bits in it, Guests going home after Christmas!.

I am me


2 thoughts on “I Am Me

  1. Thank you so much for joining in. I loved reading more about everyone. One of my favourite things is to be inside warm and cosy when it’s rainy and stormy outside. And your list of dislikes …. I could have written it. 🙂

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