Bucket Lists/Resolution Mash Up

During the summer I blogged about things I wished to have achieved before 2013 had run its course.  We managed to accomplish most things.  I struggled with losing the weight I wanted to (I lost just over two stone) and I have yet to make a start on Baby’s patchwork blanket, but all the other things we can tick off.


So this got me thinking about my 2014 Bucket List.  Baby will turn one and I’m sure it will be a very eventful year.  I find the days and weeks can pass so quickly and before you know it you can find yourself months down the line.  For me, writing a Bucket List gives me focus and ensures that I make the best of my time.  Also I am a bit of an organisational freak and I love a list!

So here are all my new goals.

1.  Plan/throw Baby a great first birthday party on a budget.  I love the idea of an Alice in Wonderland theme and I will really have to work hard to keep the costs down.

2. Let Baby do some more riding.

3. Go on a family holiday.  2013 has been the best year of my life, but has also had its difficult moments.  I can’t wait for us to go away and experience a holiday together.  We already have our Camp Bestival tickets booked for 2014.

4. Get my business off the ground

5. Try to come off the AD’s.

6. I had better put the keepsake blanket back on.  I WILL do it this year.

7. Take Baby to paddle in the sea.

8. Make Baby a teepee

9. Take Baby swimming

10. Use the proper camera more than my phone to photograph Baby. Also to learn how to use my camera.  I just point and shoot and I really want to be able to take the best pictures I can.

11. Try to be a domestic goddess  (well that might be a stretch, but I want to cook more and be more organised, so hubby can do less).

12. Improve my knowledge of blogging and blogs.  I need to develop both blogs (this one and my business Ava Loves Handmade) and learn more about SEO etc.

13. Try and do some of my NLP Practitioners course (I have yet to start…).

14. Apply for the 2014 Great British Bake Off.

15. Make myself a dress.

16. Volunteer for Free Cakes For Kids.  A charity that through its volunteers makes birthday cakes for children, whose family can not afford one.

So thanks to everyone who read my blog in 2013 and I hope 2014 is all you hope it to be.

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4 thoughts on “Bucket Lists/Resolution Mash Up

  1. I have thought of more stuff too! I tend to put a bit too much pressure on myself, but I will see how I get on. You should definitely write one, I would love to read it x

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