Duck Racing Anyone?

Before today I didn’t even know Duck Racing existed.  A local village was holding a charity duck race and so we went along to support the charity and to take Baby for some fresh air.  We wrapped Baby up and set off.  It was a lovely bright, wintery morning.  Very crisp, with clear skies, perfect for a little outing.   It turns out that Duck racing is actually quite good fun, even if we didn’t win.  There was even a special children only race, but sadly Baby wasn’t lucky either.  She had such fun playing with us all and even climbed (well was lifted into) her first tree.

duck racing 5

It was such a lovely setting in a pretty little village and there was such a good turnout.  Great news for the local children’s school, which was this years chosen charity.

Duck racing 2 Duck racing 3 Duck racing 8

Duck racing 4

duck racing 6Duck racing 10Duck racing

Duck racing 7


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