Strolls and Monkeys

On Boxing Day we went for a family walk.  Mr Hubby, Baby, Aunty, Uncle, Myself and three dogs!  Quite a handful.  Baby test drove her new bike and she really loved it.  It was a very crisp day, but it was lovely to get out in the fresh air, enjoying the simple things.

walk 2 walk 3  walkbd stroll

Baby’s Aunty treated her to some lovely clothes yesterday as we are a little short of the next size up and Baby is very tall, so she is going through outfits very quickly.

Today we decided to visit the living rainforest, as it is quite close to where we live.  Baby loves plants, trees and all things leafy!  Although admission is £9.95 per person, you can return free of charge anytime within the subsequent year (good value if your little ones are a bit older).   Although Mummy had to swerve the spider tank, we had fun looking at snakes, monkeys, various birds, huge fish, turtles and stingrays.  There were activity sheets for older children and notices giving information on all the animals, so very educational.  We shall definitely return when Baby is a little older.  We popped into the shop to buy her a keyring, as we get her one from every day trip we go on.



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