Baby’s First Christmas

Well I don’t know where to start.  I love Christmas, but I was even more excited this year, as it was Baby’s first Christmas.  There is something about Christmas with children that makes it so much more magical.  All through December we have been doing special Christmas things with Baby and she has been getting small advent gifts.  She has been to a few fancy dress events and has enjoyed being both an angel and a snowbaby.

Snow Baby

As Christmas Day grew nearer she received a letter from Santa and on Christmas Eve we left out her plate for Santa and Rudolph (Mummy made the plate), sprinkled reindeer dust on the lawn and Baby also got a special Christmas Bear (she will be given one each year).

Santa Letter Reindeer dust

Ready For Santa1st Christmas Bear

We had a lovely day.  Baby was very lucky and received lots of great presents.  Most of ours had been bought in sales or with our club card points.  So although she had lots, we didn’t bankrupt ourselves to spoil her.

 Santa Plate after Stocking

In the morning it was exciting to see that Santa had been (more for Mr Hubby and I than Baby, who was a bit bewildered!).  After stocking opening in bed with Mummy and Daddy, we all ventured down and when her Aunty and Uncle joined us we started opening presents.

xmas 2xmas 3Xmas 1Mummy and Daddy bought her a swing, Aunty and Uncle a slide, Nanna a bike, plus countless other presents including a walker, phone, remote, lots of lovely books, musical instruments, two Harrods Bears, a ride on car, you get the picture!  Her Aunty and Uncle also got her a bound and personalised 100 year diary (Story of My Life), which we obviously record for her until she is old enough to take over.  I love this, as I have no pictures and sketchy memories of my childhood, and life, to some extent.  Whereas Baby will be able to record everything that is important to her and look back in years to come on her memories.

xmas 4 xmas 8

xmas 7 xmas 5

slide xmas 6

We had to open the presents in stages as it was a little overwhelming and tiring for her, but she loved playing with them.  Her new trick is to high five everyone, so there was lots of high fives and clapping throughout the day.  Bed time was a little stressful and it took almost 3 hours to get her to go to sleep, but when she eventually did she slept through to 6.40am, so every cloud.

I loved my first Christmas as a mum.  Seeing her face so filled with joy, playing with her new presents and playing with her Daddy.  Everyone enjoyed the day more with her with us.  I can’t wait for next year already!.

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One thought on “Baby’s First Christmas

  1. Babies first Christmas is always so special! You have some lovely photo’s to remember it by. Thanks for linking up at #ShareItSundays x

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