Mummy Don’t Ignore Me {The Ordinary Moments #11}

I regularly read Katie’s Blog (Mummy Daddy Me) and have been inspired to document our Ordinary Moments, as Katie does.  These Ordinary Moments are the everyday, special low key moments, that I want to be etched into my consciousness forever.

The other day Baby was in her high chair and I had just finished feeding her.  I got distracted briefly by something on TV and turned away from Baby.  Out of the corner of my eye I could see her leaning to the side of her high chair, trying to get in my eye line, with a massive smile on her face.  I whipped round and she burst out laughing.  So I kept turning away and when I could see her trying to be seen, whipping round.  She was hysterical with laughter.  Her face lit up with happiness.  We did the same thing again this morning and she loved it just as much.  Very cheeky monkey!  Such an ordinary moment, but one I would like to remember.  It was so lovely to see such cheekiness and joy.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get very good pictures as picking up the camera spoiled the magic a little.


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3 thoughts on “Mummy Don’t Ignore Me {The Ordinary Moments #11}

  1. Oh that is so lovely, what a lovely happy smile she has. I love playing boo and things with LL, such a simple thing that makes them so happy. I never want them to lose that excitement over the smallest thing, Mads still has it now at three. x

  2. Such a cute moment. I love playing things like that with E. One day I need to try to get hubby to try to record it happening because it won’t be long before those sorts of moments are in the past. Sweet photos. xx

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