Rest In Peace

It is with great sadness that I tell you my Aunty died today.  She had MS and had been poorly for a while now.  Last week they told us that she would not live to see Christmas and so my mum has been by her bed almost solidly since.  In the end she wasn’t able to eat or drink and the pain was immense, even when you touched her arm.

Now finally she feels no pain.  She is not hooked up to morphine and catheters, not being able to speak, with legs twisted.

My poor mum, she lost her partner last year and now her sister.

I am angry that people are left to suffer such pain.  We would consider it inhumane to let an animal suffer in such a way.  She didn’t want to be here anymore, yet she had to stay.  Being hoisted around, drugged to just get through the day, just waiting for her body to give up.  Finally today it did, for which I am grateful.  I am just sorry that it did not give up sooner, to save some of her suffering.

Rest in peace Aunty Cee, we all love you very much. xxx


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