Yum Yum

I have blogged a few times about Baby’s inconsistent interest in food and it has been a real worry for me.  I was so scared it would mean that she would go on to have issues with food.  Recently I was happy to report that she seems to be enjoying food much more, which is such a relief to me as a worrier.  Most of the time she will eat three meals (with pudding) plus snacks each day.

Over the past couple of weeks she has decided that Mummy, Daddy and Lily (the dog!) should share her food, which results in Mummy (as I am a soft touch) having to nibble the Baby sucked biscuit, yum!  It is so sweet, she seems to really enjoy sharing.

Baby Sharing

She had me in stitches a few days ago when she was having her breakfast.  Her hands were full of toast and she obviously decided she fancied some more ….. and this was the outcome!…

Baby Jam

In other news yesterday Baby started to crawl.  It is still very much commando style (not doing too much with her legs), but she really gets about!  Life will never be the same again.


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