The Baby Spy {The Ordinary Moments #10}

I regularly read Katie’s Blog (Mummy Daddy Me) and have been inspired to document our Ordinary Moments, as Katie does.  These Ordinary Moments are the everyday, special low key moments, that I want to be etched into my consciousness forever.

A while ago I blogged about a little Super Baby role play that we do every day.  Another thing that Baby enjoys doing is spying on Mummy or Daddy.  One of us holds her and lets her peer round the door ‘spying’ on the other.  We say how we feel as if someone is watching us and Baby plays along, hiding and peering round the door.  She smiles so much and ends up laughing, she loves it!

Obviously it’s quite difficult to photograph a Spy, but I did my best.  This is another thing that happens almost daily in our house, but it is very special and I want to remember it forever.

Spy Baby

Ordinary Moment link


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