#A Very Beebies Christmas – Our Wish List

I first came across Beebies Baby Store through their support of the Matilda Mae Welly Walk.  Ami Holt is the driving force behind this lovely store and she set up Beebies when she was only 17.  An amazing achievement.

Beebies has a wide range of lovely products from maternity to toys, feeding to travel and you can tell that great care has gone into selecting these quality products.

Looking through the website, although a great deal of the products are tempting, the top of my wish list would be this amazing Kayla Wooden Dolls House.

dolls house

I would have loved this when I was a child.  I remember wishing for a dolls house and using boxes to try and recreate one!  This Dolls house comes complete with 10 pieces of furniture.  The level of detail is stunning.  I love toys such as this, as they really allow children to use their imaginations when playing.  Baby would not be ready to play with this quite yet, but I would love to know that she had one and that it would not be long before she could play with this amazing toy.  This dolls house is available for £99.99.   If you have not visited Beebies before, pop along and have a look at their website.

Beebies Baby Store




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