8 Months Old Today

Our little Baby is 8 months old today.  I can hardly believe it.  I never expected the time to go so fast.  Yet I struggle to remember what life was like before she arrived.  It was as if I was missing her, before I even met her.  She has made such an impact on our lives and sometimes I could just cry with my overwhelming love for her.

This month has seen Baby’s appetite improve and she is now eating three meals a day.  Occasionally she doesn’t eat much, but she is really getting used to it now and enjoys it so much more.  She is still trying to crawl, but she can cover a great distance by turning and rolling.  She is sitting up well, mostly on her own, but occasionally she gets distracted and needs steadying.  She is not sleeping as well at nights and we are struggling sometimes with getting her to nap in the day, which can make things a little difficult.

I love our family time and seeing her with Mr Hubby, they have a lovely bond.  It is so lovely to watch Baby experience new things, her face is so expressive.  She is so interested and alert.  She wants to talk to everyone and is so cuddly.  She loves to do her Super Baby impression and she loves to spy on Daddy (or Mummy) by hiding and peering round the door.  She enjoys Eskimo kissing and also wants to kiss Mummy with her mouth wide open (a cross between a kiss and a lick), she thinks it’s great.  She still has 6 teeth.  She has had these for about 3 months now and as yet no more are trying to make an appearance.

She will be moving into her own room soon.  I will miss hearing her breathe as she sleeps, but I am in a lot of pain at nights and can’t turn over in bed without almost waking her, so I think we may both sleep better.  It will be nice to have a bit more space in the bedroom, but I do feel sad.

She is my life and has completed our family.  I am so thankful that I am her Mummy.

8 months 1 8 months old

(Photos not great as I couldn’t keep her still and focus the camera)


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