Countdown To Christmas

The 1st of December is nearly upon us and this will mark the start of the Christmas celebrations for us.  Baby has a couple of festive jumpers, which will be making an appearance as soon as December arrives.  As I blogged about recently I have bought Baby a special advent calendar, which has lots of little bags, in which I am going to put small treats or fun activities.  I think this will get easier as she gets older, this year has been a challenge!  Here is what I have planned;

1st – Meet the Snowman (The Snowman from the animation!).  Break out Baby’s Christmas jumper.

2nd – Paint Nanna a Christmas picture

3rd – Meet Santa

4th – Donate an old toy to charity

5th – Make a Snow Globe

6th – Christmas Socks (present)

7th – Baby Sensory Christmas Party (Fancy Dress)

8th – Watch Santa Parade

9th – Dumbell toy (present)

10th – Lucky Sixpence Angel Charm Keyring (Keepsake)

11th – Wooden Book (present)

12th – Newbury Christmas Market + Christmas Bibs (present)

13th – Personalised decoration keepsake

14th – Winter Wonderland Four Seasons

15th – Christmas Panto

16th – Fancy dress coffee group

17th – Festive walk with Mummy @ Discovery Centre

18th – Fancy Dress at Baby Sensory

19th – Fancy Dress at Cafe Bambino

20th – Trip with Mummy to playground (Baby LOVES swings)

21st – Penguin top (present)

22nd – Bottle of Christmas Bubbles (present)

23rd – Winchester Christmas Market

24th – Visit Festive lights in town.  She will have her Christmas teddy as well.

I am also going to take part in the #elftakeover.  This comes from the Elf on the shelf tradition.  The Elf ‘arrives’ on 1st December to observe the children and report back to Santa.  The children cannot touch the Elf or the magic will be broken and the elf does not move when anyone in the house is awake.  Each morning the children have to find what the mischievous Elf has got up to at night.  On Christmas Eve the Elf returns to help Santa and leaves the children a note and a goody bag (including Christmas PJ’s, DVD, whatever you wish).

As part of the #elftakeover I am going to take photo’s of what our Elf ‘Eli’ gets up to and blog and tweet about it.  In a few years time baby will have lots of fun trying to find the ‘Eli’, but for the next couple of years it will entertain me and Mr Hubby.

I know she is too young to really know what’s going on this Christmas, but I will enjoy doing these things with her and will put the keepsakes in her keepsake box for when she is older.

Meet ‘Eli’

Elf on a shelf


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