Let It Snow!

So the weather men and women are forecasting the worst weather since 1947.  Brrrr!  I have to say that although I hate being cold (and usually am), I LOVE winter.  I think it is an excuse to wear snuggly socks and jumpers and drink hot chocolate (maybe with a few marshmallows on top!).

As the nights are drawing ever more darker and the weather seems set to get colder, we are fast approaching the most special time of the year, Christmas.  This year is going to be very special for us as it is Baby’s first Christmas.

A while ago I blogged about how important it was to me to start our own family traditions, so Christmas is always truly magical for Baby.

My preparations so far have involved making Baby two Christmas stockings (from an old velvet curtain which I found for £1!).

Christmas Stocking

We also did a mini photo shoot with Baby last weekend to get a picture to put on our Christmas card, so hopefully I will be able to get the card sorted out soon.  We have bought a Christmas Teddy to give to her on Christmas Eve (and we will do that each year).  I still need to find some special Christmas PJ’s for her.

Last weekend we also went to a local craft fair and found this fab advent calendar (I know it wasn’t very frugal, but it will last for years), which gave me a good idea.

AdventEach year we will fill each bag either with a small gift/treat or a special event that Baby likes.  So this year one could be a trip to the swings (which she loves) or going to see Santa and we have to do it on that day.  When she grows up, it might be a movie night, or whatever else she likes.  That way every day in December has a little magic and it is much better than a chocolate one.  I had such a lovely time at the Craft Fair with Baby and Mr Hubby.  Baby was flashing smiles at the stall holders and she was so cuddly.  Perfect!.

My other preparations have included making some Reindeer dust, that we will sprinkle on the front lawn, so the Reindeers know to stop at our house.  I know she is too young to realise whats going on this year, be we are starting traditions which will continue for years.  We have also made salt dough Santa hand print decorations, which Baby enjoyed.  I plan to do the same each year.

salt dough

I am really loving starting these preparations, it’s so exciting.  For so long I thought we would never have a Baby to share our lives with.  So it seems unreal that we now have Baby and are going to experience Christmas through her eyes, which will be magical for us.


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