Baby Pirates {The Ordinary Moments #8}

I regularly read Katie’s Blog (Mummy Daddy Me) and have been inspired to document our Ordinary Moments, as Katie does.  These Ordinary Moments are the everyday, special low key moments, that I want to be etched into my consciousness forever.

Baby and I go to Baby Sensory every Wednesday.  These sessions are definitely the best thing I have done so far (activity wise) with Baby and she loves it.  We woke today to a very cold day, we wrapped up and set off to our class.  The session theme changes each week and this week it was Baby Pirates.  Everything had a water theme and we are very lucky that the lady who runs our session has such an amazing imagination.  The babies got to paddle with ducks in warm water, pretended to be under the sea while ‘pretend’ fish swam past and we sang various songs.  Baby gets so excited when, on arrival, we sing the ‘Say Hello’ song.  I love watching her face.  Such delight.  At the end the room was dark and we hugged and rocked our babies.  It was so nice to be all snuggled up and toasty, sharing some special time.  Such a contrast to the weather outside.  Like a haven.  Then we had to get wrapped up and do a mad dash to the car in the bitter pouring rain, but it was worth it.

I only managed a quick snap (poor quality)

Baby Sensory

Ordinary Moment link


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