A Week Of Friends

This week we were lucky enough to spend time everyday with friends.  When I went on maternity leave I seemed to lose touch with lots of my friends, who were sort of linked to work, which is sad.  I didn’t grow up round here so I don’t have friends that I went to school or college with living close by.  I have made some great friends since moving South, but I don’t see a lot of them and one of my closest friends has moved to Scotland.  So I have few people that I share history with, and with our family living in the North, things can sometimes be lonely.

Since Baby was born I have met some truly lovely ladies and am lucky to be able to call them my friends.  It’s funny how sometimes you meet someone and it just feels right and easy, like you have been friends forever.  That is a blessing.  Baby also has lots of friends and I hope we will all stay in touch as our children grow, as we have all shared these early months together.

We went to a couple of our regular coffee groups during the week and on Tuesday met our friends Z and D at a cute little cake boutique.  It is a lovely place and I hope it manages to survive in a town full of chain coffee shops.  Then on Wednesday we were invited to lunch with K and T-B.  Baby had such fun playing with T-B’s toys (which she thought were all better than hers!) and her sitting up unaided is really coming along.  After lunch we walked to the park where the girls played on the swings and slide, before a walk down the river.  A lovely day.



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