Superbaby – Magic Moments #5

Jaime at Oliver’s Madhouse creates a Linky each week for us all to share our Magic Moments.  These moments can be any moment that feels magical to you, however big or small.

I’m sure every family has their little idiosyncrasies, things they do and say, that is unique or special to their family.  Simple everyday things, jokes or simple actions.  Mr Hubby once put baby into a flying position and joked that she was Superbaby.  She smiled and laughed and it stuck.  When she is feeling fraught, he pops her in the Superbaby pose, makes a flying noise and I sing the Superman theme as she flies around the living room.  Always smiling.  Always happy.  Mr Hubby then pretends they are answering a SOS call, usually Mummy needing a kiss.  This week each Superbaby role play has been a magic moment for me.


Magic moments


7 thoughts on “Superbaby – Magic Moments #5

  1. My breath caught a little reading this (I must be emotional) it’s such a lovely post to read, it put a smile on my face today! =)

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