Grubs Up {The Ordinary Moments #6}

I regularly read Katie’s Blog (Mummy Daddy Me) and have been inspired to document our Ordinary Moments, as Katie does.  These Ordinary Moments are the everyday, special low key moments, that I want to be etched into my consciousness forever.

I have blogged previously about our trials and tribulations weaning Baby.  I thought it would be an easy process, as she is very interested in all the food we eat, but I was so wrong.  Things haven’t been plain sailing at all and she will often refuse completely.  She has even become upset at times when we have tried to feed her.  Everyone has said not to worry, but it has been a concern, as all mums want their babies to have a healthy appetite.

However, over the last few days I think she may have turned the corner.  She has tucked into her breakfast and has eaten lunch and a pudding on each day with some small snacks at tea time.  Today was the best day so far, she munched through breakie, a two course lunch and a two course tea.  O.k, in volume this might not be as much as some other babies, but she was keen, looked happy and was opening her mouth willingly all the way through, which for us is a major breakthrough.

This is just an Ordinary Moment and to many mums it wouldn’t be a big deal, but to me it means so much.

Baby eating

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4 thoughts on “Grubs Up {The Ordinary Moments #6}

  1. Aw yay I am so pleased that things seem to be progressing! In fact from that photo she looks like she was definitely enjoying it! I bet this meant so much to see her eating well. My youngest is a piggy but when the oldest one eats a good meal it makes me so happy.

  2. I am just starting out on weaning my second. I found the first time round really difficult… only managing to really sort it when I got a bit of help from my health visitor and only gave her breastmilk feeds after meals and it seems to sort itself out. Here goes with number 2…..

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