Family Time {The Ordinary Moments}

I regularly read Katie’s Blog (Mummy Daddy Me) and have been inspired to document our Ordinary Moments, as Katie does.  These Ordinary Moments are the everyday, special low key moments, that I want to be etched into my consciousness forever.

Ordinary moments

We have been having a slightly tricky time with weaning at the moment.  Some days she laps it up and other days it is a real struggle to get her to even open her mouth.  I do get a bit worried that she is not always very keen, but a few days ago was a good day and she ate very well, as you can see by her face!  I like this picture as it captures a good relaxed moment, in a bit of a stressful week.

I must admit the middle photo was taken at the beginning of the month.  I love it!  Mr Hubby and Baby sharing a special moment (It was at our Anniversary meal for 7 years of marriage).  They have a lovely bond and I am very proud when I see them together.

Yesterday was a very hard day for Baby her teeth are really hurting her and she struggled all day to keep her spirits up.  The last photo catches a moment of relief when Baby was playing with her Daddy.

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8 thoughts on “Family Time {The Ordinary Moments}

  1. Try not to stress about weaning. We did baby-led with Sebastian and they stress the mantra that before 1 food is just for fun. S is fabulous with his food now and eats pretty much everything i give him. of course we have days when only jam sandwiches will do for breakfast dinner and tea but if you try to relax they should do too! 🙂 good luck!

  2. The middle photo is just so lovely- there is nothing cuter than looking at a Daddy playing with their baby. And I know the feeling about teething, we are in the full throws of it here. It is so hard to see them unhappy and it breaks my heart cause my little girl will try and smile through the tears. Poor thing!
    Thanks for joining in, it is lovely to find your blog! 🙂

  3. Weaning is so much harder than everyone tells you! lol 😉 And all completely pointless for us it seems because despite the months I spent pureeing, mashing, boiling, crying…. all she bastard eats is toast and yoghurt… haha 😉 Oh well… thank god for vitamin drops… :)))

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