Our Week

This week hasn’t been very exciting for us.  I have been working a bit on my project and Baby had her second go at Baby Sensory (the first was when she was about 2-3 weeks old and she understandably slept through the whole thing).  This time she seemed to really enjoy it and the ‘Say Hello’ song is like Baby cat nip.  She can be really losing it and I start to sing that and she gazes at me beaming (it’s very weird…) It’s like I have put a spell on her  🙂

Baby seems to be getting over her virus and I am over my bug too, so it’s good to (hopefully) be back to normal.  Baby’s 4th tooth made an appearance today.  She has her two bottom middle ones and now she has the start of the top two incisors.  While is it very exciting that she is getting teeth,  it is a little sad that her smile will change forever, as they all come through.  Bless her, she is struggling in the afternoons with teething pain and we do find ourselves fighting fires until we get to bed time, when she says good night to Daddy or Mummy and the dogs in turn.

We had a good run recently, as she slept 9-10 hours for 10 nights in a row. Then we put the fire on, as it felt wintery and the last three nights she has got up at 3am, then 2am and 1am last night.  So we think she might like the cold and so have let the fire out (it’s cheaper anyway!).

Some pictures from our week.



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