Different Types Of Mummy

Baby and I get out and about a fair bit during the week, going to different baby groups.  When Baby is entertaining herself, I enjoy a spot of people mummy watching.  I have come to realise that there are different types of mum. Maybe we are all one of these types or maybe these types are transient.  Here are my top 8 mummy characters;

Mary Poppins Mum – This is the type of mum that I think I secretly want to be.  The MPM is always prepared and always does the right thing.  She has countless spare, co-ordinating outfits, appropriate for any possible weather condition with her at all times.  She seems to have the same size bag as all the other mums, yet hers is filled with everything her little darlings heart could desire at any given time.  The MPM and MP Baby are always immaculate and there is always a freshly baked cake at home ready for visitors.

Corporate Mummy -This mummy planned her pregnancy like another big work project.  She followed medical advice to the letter and would not be listen to the advice of any well meaning friends, preferring to listen only to professionals.  She is in control every step of way, was on her Blackberry during labour and was back at work immediately, as if nothing had happened.

Pyjama Mummy – This mummy thinks nothing of pulling on a pair of Uggs (we should be grateful they are not Crocs) in the morning and going out and about still in her PJs and bed hair. Her kids live in baby grows, well onsies are comfy right!?

Earth Mummy – This Mummy started her journey of motherhood by eating the placenta.  Not in a capsule, but in a big old stew.  She relies on homeopathic medicines and vegetarianism to get her through and is often seen wearing crazier clothes than her kids.  Earth mummy can also been known as Hippy mum and doesn’t believe her children should be constrained by any rules or routines.

Glamour Mummy – GM makes Victoria Beckham look like a old bag lady.  She popped out her beautiful, obviously perfect, baby and was immediately back in her size 6 J Brand skinny Jeans and Manolo Blahnik’s.  There is never a hair out of place, a sick mark in sight and GM kiddies certainly never have snot on their faces or fluff stuck to their hands. GM, without intention, makes most other mums feel inferior as she wafts about in a cloud of Chanel Gardenia.

Worrier Mummy – The WM is a bit overwhelmed.  She constantly checks and double checks all the information given to her. She searches the internet for everything baby related and gives herself a hard time about just about every decision she makes.

Alpha Mummy – AM is the leader of the Mummies.  She is the font of all knowledge and is very competitive.  She can often be found dispensing information, sometimes without being asked.  She probably has the oldest baby in the group and so has been at every stage first.

No Worries Mummy – The NW Mummy, got pregnant at the drop of a hat, as soon as she decided to try.  She sailed through pregnancy without a hint of queasiness, swollen feet and barely put on a pound.  The baby simply popped out and slotted into her life without a single issue.

I think I started a Worrier Mum and am now trying my hardest to be Mary Poppins Mum.

What type of mummy are you?

Mary Poppins


22 thoughts on “Different Types Of Mummy

  1. Great post! I think i’ve been a little bit of all of these types of Mummies over the past 18 months (except maybe Earth Mummy 🙂 )

  2. Brilliant post! Fun to read. I like to think we all have a bit of each of them in us. I’d say I’m closest to Mary Poppins mum – my change bag is freakishly well-organised and prepared!!

  3. I’m not a Mum but my Mum would have been a WM I think 🙂 In fact I used to call her the worrying character from Seaseme Street – oh what was his name hmmmmm. …

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