Thursday Round Up

So as you know from my last post we are having a slightly turbulent time at the moment.  A couple of nights ago Mr Hubby took Baby to the Doctors (Ha! was going to type Vets! :)) and the Doctor thinks she has a virus. Poor little thing, so unless you are stimulating her 100% of the time, she is screaming.  Also she decides all of a sudden she is starving and literally screams the house down, while I’m rushing to make her a bottle.  Usain Bolt has nothing on me at the moment!  She doesn’t want to be put down, but is not that keen on you holding her either and, as sadly I can’t levitate her, we are stuck!

On a positive she has been much better at nights and is going from 7.15-7.45pm to 5am most of the time.

So it is very tiring presently and I need shares in Nappies (as every one is dirty) and paracetamol for my poor head.  Now to top it off I’m ill, think I have the same as Baby, which is making things quite tricky when Mr Hubby is at work.

Baby also has her third tooth coming through, which is adding to her aggravation.  Up until now she has looked like an upside down Bugs Bunny, with just the bottom two teeth, but a top one is making an appearance.  She is struggling a bit with weaning and has decided now she will only eat things that come from the fine kitchens of ‘Ella’! 🙂

On a personal note, I have been dieting for 11 weeks and have now lost two stone, so am well on my way to my Bucket List target.  Most of the weight has been lost by doing the 5:2 diet and I can’t recommend it enough and I have done most diets.

I am struggling with my new project, which is a shame, but hope to be able to make great strides this weekend when Mr Hubby will look after Baby.

Baby Headband

A smiley picture as it would be rude not to!


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