Challenging Times – 5 Reasons To Be Cheerful!

I write this with Baby asleep on me and it is only the second time today (bar brief intermissions) that she has been quiet.  Everything was going well until we were advised to start weaning her 2 weeks ago.  Right from the first day Baby changed. She started waking up more often at nights, multiple dirty nappies (4 in half an hour!). She will now will only sleep on her front at night and is not happy unless you are interacting with her 100% of the time.  This has all coincided with her teething (as she has her bottom two now), but it is making doing basic tasks quite challenging.

So I thought I would just give myself 5 reasons to be cheerful (as I sit here with a blinding headache) 🙂

happy baby1. I have the most beautiful daughter and for that I am grateful every day. There was such a long time when I didn’t think it would happen for us and I still can’t believe it’s real sometimes.

Read our story

2. I am blessed with my lovely and supportive Mr Hubby.

3. I have an exciting project to work on (more to be revealed)

4. I love writing my blog and am grateful that people read it and share their thoughts.  But most of all, I am happy that we will always have it to look back on.

5. The 5:2 diet seems to be working for me and I have lost 1 stone 10lb in 8 weeks.  This is great as it fits in with our lifestyle.


I felt a bit teary earlier and then Baby smiled at me and came in for a cuddle and all was well with the world again.


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