O.K So I’m Not Proud Of Myself

…but we bought a Sophie…

sophie, giraffe, teething

We gave in and one desperate ‘teething’ weekend, we phoned round to find stock of the soft teething ring version and made the purchase.  I didn’t really expect much to be honest. We have various teething toys, all with their own issues, too bulky, difficult to handle, too big for Baby’s mouth or too hard.  She has only ever used the water filled ones you put in the fridge, but that has never been for too long.  So it’s fair to say our expectations weren’t great, but this is a great product!  I can totally see why it is the teething toy of choice for so many Mums (and Dads!).

She immediately took to it ….

sophie the giraffe, teething

… and seemed to really enjoy herself! 🙂

Sophie has been Amazons best selling toy and has won countless awards.  In her native France, she is given to 9 out of 10 newborn babies.  She has also been spotted in the mouths of various celebrity babies.  Elton John, Pink, Nicole Ritchie, Isla Fisher, Sandra Bullock and apparently even Madonna have all bought (well been given 🙂 ) a Sophie for their little ones.Sandra Bullock sophie

So you see I really didn’t have a choice 🙂


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