Who Are You…..

and what have you done with our baby?

O.K so here’s the background.  We have always been quite lucky with Baby at night.  Apart from the first couple of nights home from hospital, when she seemed to be awake more than asleep, she usually wakes once in the night for a bottle.  Then she wakes early morning (between 5-6am), occasionally we might able to have a snooze after this, but generally that’s when our day starts.  She has probably slept through the night about 15 times and there seems to be no rhyme nor reason to when these days are.

Last Wednesday we were advised to start weaning her.  Baby is very tall and last week she was crying for food every two hours (during the day), but then not always drinking the whole bottle.  It was as if she was hungry for something other than milk.  I also naively thought that weaning her may enable her to go through the night more regularly, little did I know…

Anyway, we started her on baby rice (a very small amount, not much went in) on Thursday morning and that’s when she underwent a personality transplant.  She is still our happy shiny Baby during the day, but at night she has taken to waking up before midnight, then again at 3am ish, before waking again at 6ish.  Last night she went down at 8pm and woke at 11pm….and then 3am.  She also will now not sleep on her back (regardless of how many times you stand over her turning her back) and so she also wakes at random times, as she gets wedged against the side of the cot.

I have one question. Where did it all go so wrong?! ….  We have gone from stretches of up to 9 hours of sleep (her not me! 🙂 ) to 4 hours max.  I thought they were meant to get better at sleeping as they get older, not worse.  Answers on a postcard please!

We started her on apple today and I think it eventually went down better than Baby rice (have you tried baby rice it is not good!)

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