Baby’s Crafty Capers

So last Friday Baby and I had a free day, with no baby groups or anyone to visit, so we decided to have a go at some craft projects.


First of all Baby showed off her artistic skills by painting her very first picture.

baby's 1st painting


I made the paint for Baby by mixing 1.5 cups of corn flour with 1/2 cup of cold water and then added 1 1/4 cups of boiling water, mixing as you go.  Keep mixing until it all comes together.  Then divide into pots and add food colouring on your choice.  You can always make it thicker by adding more flour if you need to.

She used a hand, which is still a bit stained as I went a bit OTT on the amount of colouring I added!  Mummy added the glitter, with Baby’s help 🙂


Then we made hand and foot imprints of Baby.  These are so expensive when you get them professionally done and then you may want to have them done again at different ages.  So we thought we would have a go using Salt Dough.


To make the dough just mix together 1 cup plain flour, 1 cup salt and half cup warm water.  Give it a good kneading until it comes together and gets a smooth texture.

Then I cut the mixture in two and put each section in a bowl and pressed it down and levelled it out.  Make sure the bowl is big enough to fit the babies foot or hand.  Then tease the dough away from the bowl with a palette knife and turn out onto a plate.  Then you can get your baby to stand on the dough or press their hand in.  Then if you want to hang them up you need to make a hole – I used a drink stirrer.  I also used a skewer to draw on an ‘A’ (Baby’s initial) and 5 as she was 5 months old when we did them.

Then you can leave them out for a couple of days and the will air dry and go hard or you can oven bake them in a low oven 100 degrees for 3 hours (then you may need to turn them over and give them another couple of hours)

We painted ours with acrylic paint and threaded through some pretty ribbon for hanging.

They might not look as finished as the professional ones, but I like them better as we did them together 🙂

baby prints


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