5 Months Old Today – 10 Things to Remember


Our little Baby is 5 months old today.  People say it goes quickly and to cherish every moment, but you just don’t realise how quickly it does go.  I remember looking at 5 month old babies and thinking that was so far away for us, yet here we are.

I really want to make sure that I remember all the little things that I love at the moment, as Baby is changing so quickly.  So here are my favourite things about Baby (having now documented it I always will remember now 🙂 )

1. The way she is so happy to see me in the mornings.

2. The way she giggles and buries her head into my shoulder.

3. The smile on her face when she thinks she has walked for real.

4. Her hysterical laughter when you blow a raspberry on her tummy or pretend to eat her fingers.

5. The way she holds my finger when drinking a bottle.

6. How it feels when she is asleep on my chest.

7. Her smiley face when Sir Prancelot (favourite toy) kisses her.

8. Her confused face when she goes to sleep on me and wakes up on Mr Hubby.

9. The starfish move she does when Mr Hubby lifts her off me when she is asleep.

10. The way that when she is asleep, she lifts her head, strains her neck, pouts and then puts her head back down.

Also (on the Health Visitors advice) we started to wean Baby yesterday.  I am not sure much went in, but it’s a start.

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2 thoughts on “5 Months Old Today – 10 Things to Remember

  1. Another lovely entry Aby, really enjoyed reading. And you have inspired me to take the time to also list my favourite moments i never want to forget. Thank you. x

  2. Thank you Zena, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I think we should all record our special things somewhere. x
    I forgot one on my original list, so I will add it here. I love the way Baby strokes my arm when I am feeding her.

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