Belated Bank Holiday Bucket List Bonanza!

We were excited to have Baby’s Aunty & Uncle stay with us for the Bank Holiday.  It was lovely as we don’t have family living locally and they haven’t seen Baby for a few months.

On Saturday we ventured to Wheadband babyokingham Beer & Food Festival, ironically situated opposite Virgin Health Club.  The weather could have been kinder, but we had fun listening to an eclectic mix of live music, from Bollywood beats (accompanying the belly dancers) and a young singer/songwriter to the local operatic society singing songs from The Best Little Whore House in Texas – strange..  The only real disappointment was that Baby was too young to have her face painted (O.K disappointment for me, Baby wasn’t that bothered).  Oh and the young singer covered (badly) a Panic at the Disco song (tut tut).  So that’s another thing ticked off our Summer Bucket List

Baby enjoying the Beer Festival with Mr Hubby.

(Baby’s headband is from Amy’s Bows & Bling)  See our review page

Then on Sunday, despite the less than cheery weather, we set off to Marwell Zoo.  I wondered if Baby would be too young,  but she had a lovely time.  Luckily, by the time we got there it was lovely and sunny (poor Baby in lined denim dungaree’s – when will I get it right!?)

BabyBaby and Mummy

All fired up and ready to go

Wild Ass Family picture Giraffe

A very rare (I think it’s actually the only one!) family picture – shame Baby was sparko!

Baby & Aunty Baby MeerkatBaby & Mummy

It’s lots of fun playing with Aunty Jenny

Rhino Makeshift Sunhat Baby & Mummy

I thought I’d packed a sun hat, well I had a woolly hat and a waterproof hat… So we had to improvise with my scarf 🙂

Baby & Mummy Zebra Sleepy Baby

In the end it was all a bit much for Baby 🙂  Another ticked off the Bucket List


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