Dear Sleep God

Hypnos God of Sleep

Dear Hypnos,

It has been exactly one year since I last slept through the night.  At first, it was the amazing morning (read anytime) sickness that was bestowed upon me and the need to pee like a racehorse.  Then, when this subsided, so did my pelvis and I spent months trying various pillow/airbed combo’s, none of which brought me much relief.

So Baby is here and I no longer need to pee like Red Rum, although alas still have the less than tip top pelvis.  Baby occasionally decides to sleep through the night.  Excellent you would think, time to catch up.  However, I have instead got my ongoing maternal monologue, which doesn’t appear to want even a commercial break.  This usually consists of; should Baby have a routine by now, should she be sleeping through the night all the time, which nursery should she go to, which toys should she play with, when should we wean her……blah, blah, blah.  I feel like I am in SAS survival training, but with better food and without the water boarding, but that’s probably only because she can’t reach the tap.

However, as you will see from the evidence below Baby will sleep anywhere if tired enough, which is a bonus 🙂

Mums don’t need sleep anyway do they?

sleeping baby


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