Chimp Wrestling and Other Musings

Here are my top observations from my past week with Baby;

1.  Changing, dressing and generally handling Baby at the moment is like trying to wrestle a small chimp.  She will think nothing of, mid pooey nappy change, showing me her rolling over skills… clever baby…

2.  Trying to get Calpol into Baby is like trying to get worming tablets into the dogs.  So far I have stopped short of putting it in some ham, wrapping her in a towel or holding  her nose to get her to swallow…. so far

3.  Baby probably won’t be scarred for life if she is the only baby not to own a ‘Sophie The Giraffe’, but can we take the risk…


4.  It might not be appropriate for Mr Hubby to sing ‘Stacey’s mum has got it going on’ to Baby.  Nor may it be appropriate to try and teach her football songs.

5.  It IS perfectly acceptable for Baby to want to sit on me to watch a spot of TV.  It IS NOT acceptable, however, for me to even touch my mobile phone during this time.

6.  Baby changing cubicles must be invented by childless men.  In one we visited recently I almost had to be Michael Jordan to get Baby up on the table and I kept setting the hand dryer off with my arse!

7.  You can probably get away with 2 cycles of the cot mobile, while trying to shower, dress and dry your hair, but go for 3 at your peril!

8.  None, probably not even the aforementioned ‘Sophie’, of the special teething toys bought for Baby will be as effective as Mummy’s finger.



3 thoughts on “Chimp Wrestling and Other Musings

  1. Loving the blog as always…Daisy doesn’t have a Sophie either, and her first teeth have come through just fine. x

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