Baby Wears Prada

Well to be fair we are definitely more Primark than Prada and Prada don’t actually make baby clothes (might have checked…..).  My shopping addiction (if you HAVE to call it that) has got me thinking –  what you could spend on a baby if you had an unlimited budget.  So after a little spot of internet shopping/research (my forte 🙂 ) Here is my must have items for anyone with more money than sense;

Baby WP

I also found a baby Dior dress for £340 (gulp!) and this dress from Dolce & Gabbana, which I think is a bit minging (sorry fashion gods), it is such a simple style and checks in at £249.00.  So with my Bucket list (number 3) in mind I have decided to make a similar style of dress to this D&C creation, but for a fraction of the cost and hopefully it will be a whole lot nicer… I have thrown down the gauntlet and although I am not an Italian fashion house, I think I can do better than this dress (I’ll have a pretty good bash anyway).

dress project


2 thoughts on “Baby Wears Prada

  1. Totally need that dummy. Parenting-necessity I say 😉 lol x Best thing I ever saw was a self-rocking pushchair… crazy. Although I am beginning to wonder if it might be worth it :/ lol! xx

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