Wittering on……

Yesterday Mr Hubby, Baby and I went on a trip to the beach. We decided on West Wittering as it had been recommended to us by friends.  This might turn into a photo dump, as it was Baby’s first seaside trip and it seemed like a good opportunity to get her to model.  It also ticks number 1 off the 2013 Bucket List

5  3

As you can see it was a bit weathery when we arrived!

7  2

Baby Beach (3)  9

6  IMG_20130818_165537 (3)

IMG_20130818_194844 (3)  IMG_20130818_165406 (3)

Mr Hubby picked Baby a keepsake

10  IMG_20130818_165250 (3)

Sheltering under a beach hut

8  4

We bimbled to East Wittering to get our fish and chips and ate them looking out to sea (EW beach is pebbly, but still beautiful).

Then on the way back we stopped at Pump Bottom Farm (I kid you not!) for cider tasting.


Baby got grizzly (due to her first tooth) on the way home, cue Mr Hubby trying his hand at contortion, as the only way she would settle was to hold his finger (and he was in the passenger seat) and me driving like Jensen Button. Mr Hubby tried to extricate himself after a while, only to be given the death grip, by the seemingly asleep Baby.  So all in all a pretty successful day out, bar Mr Hubby’s possible nerve damaged arm of course. 🙂


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