Love – Hate

It is amazing how things I didn’t even notice before Baby, are now on the top of my hit list.  Presently these things are;

  • The weather;  Yes I know the weather has been around for ages, but I don’t know what it is doing at any given moment.  Therefore I constantly feel like a failure as Baby is often dressed for the arctic in 20 degrees + heat or in her skimpies as it turns.  My bag simply isn’t big enough for ALL her clothes.
  • People parking over the white line – even typing that has left me needing to stop and count to 10.  Deep breath, I actually want to key their cars.
  • Competitive mums,  Baby’s aren’t there to be compared.  Baby can only presently roll one way, but I doubt she will turn into a 30 year old that can only roll one way – they will all get there.
  • Days in the house – it’s my fault, occasionally I feel lazy and it never ends well.  I should ALWAYS try to get out.
  • People in queues in front of me talking excessively to cashiers –  I know they are just being friendly, but they should try swinging a 19lb grizzly baby in a car seat.
  • Cling film – o.k so this one isn’t since Baby.  I have always been seriously crap with cling film, can’t work it.  I always leave it looking like mice have been at it.

But for the sake of balance I am thankful for;off for walk

  • Baby and Mr Hubby – always.
  • Crappy reality TV – my still baby brain can’t cope with anything highbrow.
  • Facebook – gives me something to do during night feeds.
  • My Kindle – as above.
  • Online shopping – but MUST stop this one.
  • Baby looking so happy to see me when I get her up in the morning.
  • When Baby touches my face.
  • Oh Baby laughing hysterically.

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