The Great Childcare Debate

Nursery or Childminder?  Why is it so hard to decide?

The thought of leaving Baby makes me feel sick, which is why I have put off the whole thing until recently.  But it isn’t going to disappear and I doubt I’m going to win the lottery (mainly because I don’t actually DO the lottery), so we’d better get on with it.


Right well since visiting the Nursery that shall remain nameless, we have visited (today) a lovely one.  It’s in an idyllic village, situated in a converted coach house/stables.  All the children seemed happy and well cared for and the staff very passionate.

But what’s best?
Here’s how I see it…

Child Minder – More potential one to one care, More bonding. illness issues, problems for us covering the 5-6 weeks holiday per year that she would take.

Nursery – More structured, open 51 weeks of the year, More opportunities for social and educational development.

I always thought that I would prefer to go with a Child Minder and the one we saw was outstanding, but now I’m not so sure…..


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